Big Project

7 07 2007

I’ve been out of state now for 3 months. I’ve gone home for two quick 3-day trips just to visit my pain management doctor to get refills on my pump. I guess I could’ve found another doctor to go to but it seemed like such a hurdle since I was going to be in the middle of America.

And all I can say is this: I love Jax. He’s been so incredible through all of this. My project is going really well. I found the perfect candidates & decent team. The team’s inexperienced but they’re full of desire and I’ve got to go with that since I can’t afford to bring a team out from LA.

My team calls Jax when I get sick and ask him for guidance. I feel bad about it but I also know I’m so sick that there’s few alternatives. There’s no time to rest. I sleep about 3 hours a night after lots of short meetings with different teammates. It’s insane and I know it. But the train’s in motion and I can’t stop it.

The project’s going great. Too slammed to write anything of consequence. I went to L.A. for pump refill and slept for 3 days. Jax is probably happy I finally slept but I miss him so much.




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