Not in Bed

6 08 2007

(Looking back written Nov. 6):  Two days later I needed to get up and find a job.  I was broke, broken, and depressed.  The worst was knowing I had to do something to pay everyone back and I didn’t want my career and life to fall in the shitter.  Of course you see the pathetic irony in all of this.  It’s insane to me now that I got a new client so quickly.  I’m paying for it now with being forced to rest.  I’m paying for it now by having weak lungs and a cold for 4 weeks.  I’m paying for it now by not being able to have the stamina to look for a job.

In fact, for one of the first times this fall I’m going to take a nap.  I hate naps – but I can’t keep at this pace.  I’ll tell you more about Jax in a minute.  He’s a saint-my angel-and I love him so deeply.  He didn’t leave me during the worst of it.  It couldn’t get worse could it?

I still have to finish the project that will take me to June 08, but the first phase was over and I was finally home.




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