Doctor vs. Patient

9 08 2007

I found some really interesting articles on having a good relationship with your doctor.  it’s not always easy because you don’t always like them.  Here are some excerpts that I like from this doctor’s page.  (I’m not sure if the link will hold so here’s another look it the link: This is the html version of the file

Buchholz, MD says, “Illnesses  or injuries occur, are treated or go away, and then are forgotten.  Chronic diseases occur, are treated, become less active, or are controlled, and then may reoccur or relapse… there is always the knowledge that they can come back…”

The interesting note about this comment is that with something like pancreatitis I would say that this is true…but with Rheumatoid Arthritis it has not yet gone down or gone away for me so it is always there.  Perhaps that  will change for me.

The doctor also writes some other great content about the relationship with your disease and your doctor.  I think it is a good read for the info about the doctor.  It’s something you just have to make peace with or at least work within their world system.  I took men with me to my appointments including former bosses so that I had a valid voice in my corner.  This way the doctor could see that I had a life outside of their office.  I had a voice of reason with me.  it was important to getting them behind my case.

Also, if they don’t see you take steps to change then they won’t want to help you.  That;s human nature.




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