I really don’t want them…

12 09 2007

Just in case you misunderstood the title of my last post…I don’t want kids yet – I wasn’t quoting Jax or anything.  It’s terriying to think I’d have to pause my life in any way.  I love my work so muc.  It’s so unique and if you could ask any of my friends whether I’d return to work afterwards or rather, directly afterwards…they’d all tell you that I’d go nuts if I didn’t.

Doesn’t he understand that I’d rather be working and doing my thing but that I don’t want to regret such a big thing?  I’ve got several older women friends who’ve all told me that they regretted being too career-oriented to not have kids.  I felt I was being an idiot to listen to their advice.

Now I’m sure he’s going to get the wrong idea about my feelings about having kids.  We do have a biological clock and it does end.  It doesn’t keep ticking.  Men are so unrealistic and plain stupid sometimes.  I might have to leave him over this.




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