Watershed Moments

16 09 2007


The doc is starting to think this might be Rheumatoid Arthritis. She won’t tell me much about it and asked me not to freak myself out by looking on the internet.

Looking back, there have been some key moments watershed moments when things finally hit me like “wow, I am really sick” or those moments when I realized I couldn’t do things the way I used to anymore. One would certainly be when I came back from my project in July. It was obvious I had to dramatically change my life.

Another time was When Jax & I drove to go surfing and I slept the whole way to the beach to conserve my strength. I realized my will power was not enough. Before, my will power could always get me over these types of hurdles. Mind over matter. I mean I’m the moron that won a mile race when I was a kid only to find out later during a soccer match that I had a broken needle hitting my bone (that I had stepped on a week earlier). I thought something hurt!

I’ve looked online but found some articles that were all about these drugs I know nothing about. I also found some articles on relationships (one that I love that I’ll tell you about later).

More soon,




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