How We Met

12 10 2007

Jax and Sasha: what a pair! How we met: I do want to keep some things secret but I will say this: I was in NYC to see my family and for work. It was 2002. The Twin Towers/World Trade Center was still very fresh in everything. I went to a non-work event with a friend with zero expectations. As soon as we walked in I spotted Jax. He was hot, sexy, and looked taken. I avoided contact with him but in one moment over Endless Summer playing on tv we bonded. Turns out his dad had surfed – as did I. He explained the girl he looked to be with was his ill roommate. He got my name and I his. When I returned to LA he had emailed the host of the event trying to track me down.

Three months and zillions of fabulous emails later, I was in NY again and it was his birthday. I nervously went to his birthday party and ended up having a blast. He was kind, super-smart, gentle, delicious, a traveler, and absolutely my type.

We decided to not have a long distance romance since they suck and rarely work out. Instead, we were together anytime I came to NYC, which was more frequent then than now. The sex was great – the company was great. We were in love (and still are 5 years later). I’m leaving out a lot but eventually he moved to LA in 2004 to be with me.

There’s a lot more to our lives than I can write about here. I’m strict about keeping our anonymity. We have very busy lives and do about 2 jobs each. We live together well and go on hikes, galleries, trips to the ocean, and other adventures.

There’s never a dull moment in our house and time moves too quickly. I travel a lot for work and he’s often at client’s houses. Still, we find time to spend together. We highly regard and respect each other.

That’s a good basis for our future together. My folks are still married after 40 years and his folks split when he finished high school.

I’m more the up-front extroverted while he runs things from behind the scenes. He calms me down and I keep things chaotic. We’re opposites in terms of personality – but we’ve got a gillion things in common. We have loads of fun together even in mundane things and I believe we are truly lucky to have found each other.

We have so much fun goofing around together. We live well together. He cooks and I clean. He fixes things and I break them. We make tea and coffee for each other everyday and are affectionate holding hands, smooching, sending kiss and tell texts. We have time alone and time together. It feels healthy.





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