Trying to Help Ourselves

25 10 2007

Written in Sept. : We each go to the doctor and discover through blood tests that my estrogen levels has hit literally rock bottom and his testosterone level is in the shitter, as well. It takes about 2 months for more tests and finally October 25th or so for Jax to get a testosterone shot.

Written Oct. 25th: I’m getting leveled out back on the pill, which seems to be helping. I suddenly feel like a sexual being again. It’s subtle but growing steady and intense. I want Jax to toss me against a wall and do me. I can’t stand this non-sexual thing anymore.

The 2nd to the last week of October we finally go see my psychologist. She tells us that my illness and Jax’s long-term caretaker role could’ve stressed his system and created low testosterone. WOW! It’s eye opening and sounds plausible. She refers us to a couple’s therapist/sex therapist. Maybe there’s hope for us after all.

hopefully, sasha




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