Medications – Not Fun

8 11 2007

Nov 8th: I don’t want to forget critical information that might be useful to others. I left out the whole bit about the drug cabinet.

Once last year I had an employee that I’m convinced stole about 15 or more Demerol. My doctor’s told me I had to report it to the police, but what if I was wrong? What if it was someone else? I couldn’t go through with it. Under lock and key I kept the Demerol (a nasty drug that made me forget so many things the next day), Percoset, morphine even. Eventually when I took on dr. P I got switched to Oxycodone (time released which held so much better), no more Demerol (thank god!), and switched from something I can’t remember to Cymbalta (not for everyone!). I can’t skip Cymbalta more than one night without feeling crazy and getting horrific headaches. I’m afraid to go off Cymbalta based on a friend Lizzie’s experience. Also, I had really wanted to die 2 years ago so it’s probably better to stay on it. I’m sure there are loads of medications I’ve been on, but I’ve blocked them from memory.

I’ve been through massive drug withdrawals when forced to switch medications (about 5 times at the top of 2007) on Clonadine, and every sleeping pill on the market. None of them worked well with me without causing serious nasty tastes or horrific side effects. I now take a generic for zanaflex, a muscle relaxer, which works fantastic within 45 minutes.

Since I’ve been diagnosed with RA my pain killer requirements have gone down dramatically (at least in half). I’m so happy about that. I HATE being on painkillers. If you like them then you have some issues you need to look into.

Now, I still have the morphine in my pump that delivers tiny amounts to the specific pain site. Also I take Cymbalta, zanaflex generic, prednisone, folic acid and methotrexate.

The dumbest medicine thing I’ve done is this: after being on prednisone for a month I hated it. I stopped taking it when I was at 30 mg per day – truly idiotic and life threatening apparently. I felt like death and slept for 5 days. I had become too used to drug withdraws earlier in the year when I was asked to cold turkey with Oxycodone. I still can’t believe Jax stick all this out with me. He says it’s either a sign OR we’re crazy.


ps _ Since this page gets a lot of traffic I will make some medication updates in a few days (Nov 29)

PREDNISONE INFO: Dec. 7th, 2007:
I found this on Oprahs Site; Simple Definition:

People in the same boat on Methotrcate:

People in the same boat on Prednisone:





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