1 12 2007

This one will be quick because I am late for my “appointment” with Jax. That is what the couples therapist calls it “appointments”. Essentially it is the time we are setting up ahead of time to get sexy with. She told us “no genitals for now” and she also said “keep it to about 15-20 minutes”. It is so odd to have sex rules. I’ve never needed sex rules in my whole life. I’ve loved sex and sex has loved me…. but then again I’ve never had this nasty rheumatoid arthritis trying to kill me everyday for the past 6 years (only past year has it been so obvious). Also, I never had pancreatitis and a large metal pump underneath the skin of my abdomen sewn in solid. So i guess there are now a lot of reasons to have sex therapy and homework assignments with my mate and love. I just want us to get back to where we were 3 years ago right before I had to spend a month in the hospital.  (See the whole Timeline of this coming on here),

A few side notes: (1) I’m delighted that I have a lot of work right now and some good clients. I’m set for now and even have another prospective client on Monday. I’ve got so much to do my head is spinning. It’s all good stuff and helping me to pay off my medical bill of $65,000 (yes – I have health insurance and no – don’t get me started!!!!).

(2) I read a great blog today and want to share one of the entries. Here it is at Terminally Cute and a little quote: There’s some great stuff about the smurfs and then my favorite bit right here

“I can identify with Grumpy Smurf right now. I know exactly how he feels. Poor little bitter Smurfling. Now somewhere there’s a pretty pink darvocet with my name on it.”

-That is some good stuff right there! I can relate in so many ways. Very few people would understand how meds are so necessary. I had to take 3 – yes 3 – percosets today and it is incredibly difficult to admit that. I only take them once I am already in outrageous pain. I never tell a single soul except my Jax. It’s stressful but absolutely essential that I hide it. – More later – Sasha.




3 responses

12 12 2007

Thank you for the linky love! *grinhugs* And thanks for reading!!


5 12 2007
The English Courtesan

I have just discovered you Sasha and am perusing your archives with delight! I have a friend with RA and I admire your determination to beat it and to get out surfing again.

As for sex rules, sex rules are fun! I like a few rules myself (though as a fellow Type A I only really like them when I set them)… 😉

Livvy xxx

2 12 2007

Thank you for your insight on RA. I have been recently diagnosed with RA in August but have been feeling it’s pains since April. Thank you again for sharing, keep up the wonderful writings and have a good holidays.

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