Medications Taking Me Down

4 12 2007

I’ll get to the saucy sexy bit in a minute, but first I need to work through this medication issue I am having. I’ve heard about terrible withdrawals from cymbalta. A friend of mine got off cold turkey and had hallucinations and cold sweats and these things she calls brain shocks. I’ve had my share of issues if I forget to take cymbalta, but today took the cake.

I forgot to pickup my cymbalta prescription and after 1 day when into cold sweats, severe headache bordering on hangover, the chills, and a feeling of insanity. These are known issues but it amazes me how fast they begin. To top it off I had forgotten to take my prednisone because I waited to take it at the very end of the night so I wouldn’t feel hungry. This was a mistake. I read that the lower the dose of prednisone you’re on then the much slower you need to ramp down on it. Some patients lower it by 1mg at a time! This stuff is so horrific. I can’t fathom staying on cymbalta if I wanted to get pregnant. It causes massive known baby issues even though the company swears it does not.

Add all of this together and you have a recipe for a wasted weekend spent feeling nauseous all the time and racing to the bathroom in the hopes of projectile vomiting. Luck was not on my side and instead i sat with the lingering feeling of insane death. By the way please watch the youtube video about the policeman who gets stoned on brownies and says he’s dead then calls 911!! Then read about my similar experience with time.

But the weekend was actually fantastic… Jax was/is such a sweetheart to me right now and we still kept our appointment. (Read previous Couples Therapy Blogs) & (Curious who Jax or I are? Read About). I read erotic tales from a book I bought to paint naked girl images. It’s fun to get the juices going that way. We had such a great time crawled up naked in bed in the middle of the day (i had to keep on my panties because of my period). After I finished reading aloud I misunderstood his actions and thought he fell asleep. I got up and hurried for my robe.

I don’t mind being seen naked by Jax. I loathe my body right now but am not so ashamed that I keep it totally hidden. He was shocked I was up and so was I! What was I doing?! I loved being in bed curled up with Jax on a saturday afternoon. What was I trying to say?! He begged for me to get back in bed and swore he hadn’t fallen asleep. He said he was just enjoying the moment and so happy there was no pressure.

I immediately realized I was being a fool and climbed back into bed. We giggled and had a good time. He asked for me to lay down on his back. I was so afraid I would squash him but it felt so good I stayed there. I’m so glad I wasn’t too proud to get back into bed with him. I guess I was just afraid we’d fallen back into old patterns so quickly.

we kept to the therapists rules and did not touch each other “there”. In fact, for now I like the rule because we’re having so much fun exploring what each other likes and dislikes. We rubbed and stroked each other’s hair and talked about what we each loved. I realized I get turned on when my head is rubbed or my hair stroked – I never knew that before.

I just wish the medications don’t play such an large/important part in my life. I also don’t understand how the doctors know I don’t have lupus. The only reason why I worry about it is this: (1) 3 years ago I had an odd rash over my nose and cheeks for months. I didn’t see a doc at the time since I didn’t know what it was. No logic there but… It wasn’t equal on both sides but definitely wasn’t sun-induced. I told the doc about it but since it wasn’t equal on both sides she dismissed it. (2) I have pancreatitis and a shot out pancreas. Now I have a low-grade form of diabetes as a result (even though they told me a while back it wouldn’t affect my insulin levels). (3) my gallbladder is gone after surgery to remove it when it was totally broken and diseased. (4) the docs thought I had lupus except for my blood levels didn’t show it since I have so many similar symptoms.

**QUESTION: so I’m confused. I was curious if anyone can tell me their thoughts on this. Also, does anyone know if they’ve had RA relief from putting heating compresses taped (or just compresses without heat) around their hands or legs. I’ve read life less convenient and she does… But curious what others have experienced.
-deliriously, sasha

ps – 166lbs today (old weight before all of this never above 130). Lost since a week ago: (I had gotten up to 173 last week so that means 7lbs lighter!)




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22 01 2008

This is GREAT information. Hopefully I’ll start Enbrel this coming week as soon as my health insurance approves it. Thanks!

19 01 2008

Enbrel and Humira are both TNF-alpha inhibitors, but work slightly differently – Humira is a monoclonal antibody, while Enbrel is a receptor fusion protein. Enbrel only binds soluble TNF-alpha, while Humira (and Remicade) bind both soluble and membrane-bound TNF-alpha.

Unlike Remicade, both Enbrel and Humira are entirely human and contain no mouse proteins.

I am currently on Humira and have had no problem since ( 6 weeks). Other than the self injections, I have felt very little pain and discomfort and my life has been given back to me almost completely. I say almost completely because I have to take my prednisone and methotrexate pills with the intent on lowering the dosages and hopefully eliminate them. Conversely, I’ve heard of people having better results from Enbrel than from Remicade or Humira and vice versa. It depends on your blood tests and where your “markings” are. After my doctor explained this all to me, I chose Humira. I hope this helps.

17 01 2008

Thanks for visiting my site. sometimes (usually when feeling horrible) it seems there’s no point to writing about all of this. Curious – what made you decide to take Humira vs. Enbrel? I have that choice in front of me right now. Thanks! – Sasha

15 01 2008

I’ve been lurking in and out of your blog and wanted to thank you for your insights on RA. My relief for my swollen and stiffness was a nice soak in a hot jacuzzi tub or steam sauna. I was instantly taken away from my pain and stiffness. Now that I’m on the Humira Pen self injection, my life has improved dramatically. I will be back at work Jan 16, 2008 after being out for four months! Thank you again.

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