My Book Reviews-Ongoing

27 12 2007

This book list is simply to take my mind off the fact that I write about chronic diseases which sounds a bit icky and depressing… so if people ask what my blog is about I can mention that I do book reviews… a bit of the bait and switch tactic.

I’ve read many more books than mentioned here, but these are the ones that I made additional time in my life to really read from cover to cover.

April-May 08 – Proust was a Neuroscientist by Jonah Lehrer.  Is Jonah related to the Jim Lehrer of the PBS news program?  I love his photo in the back and find myself staring at it from time to time.  Totally my kind of guy.  Smart, sexy, funny, and amazing with the english language.  I admit that I would LOVE for Jonah to know what I do in my real life and want him to send me an email.  (Gosh – I hope my Jax skips this page!)
But seriously, I love how he connects artists with science and it is absolutely accessible.  I wonder what Richard Fenynman would think of the book?  (That might be a bit too inside for the none physics lovers out there).

Feb. 08 – Feast of Love by Charles Baxter- I’ve been very interesting in reading books that become films.  I’ve been enjoying the process of watching the film after reading the book and it usually makes the book seem far superior.  This book wasn’t for me while I was reading it, but find that months after reading it that the characters seem like old friends I had.  I also think about one of the stories frequently and very glad I got a chance to meet these people.  Therefore I am mixed about whether i would recommend the book.  I think this one comes down to personal taste.

Jan. 08 – Einstein for Beginners – I love this book!! fun and funny. Witty and good to remember the different theories. There is some complex math here but mainly just interesting.

I’m going to a air/space bookstore supposedly in Pasadena. I’m really looking forward to it.

Early January: I’m currently disgusted with my book list and the book choices. Cheesy – romance type books… but I’ve run out of time tonight to add more. It seems in the winter i read “comfort” books just like comfort food..

Jan. 08 – PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern – 2004 – 394 pages @ OR Amazon Set in dublin, unlike the cheesy lame film, love the words they use to speak in the book, not finished with it yet, interesting and fun thoughts and ideas but ultimately a love story… my interest in it: the guy dies at 30 from a brain tumor thus my interest in reading it… i don’t have a brain tumor god forbid… but fying young and early is always on my mind for obvious reasons. it’s giving me ideas of things to do… but still a romance novel.

BTW – PS I love you is a HORRIBLE movie!!!!

Dec. 07: Eat, Love, Pray – Don’t love the woman or the book as a business but interesting book and woman in real life probably. Meaning that I thought the woman got money to live in 3 places for a year and write about it…therefore I don’t find her journey as “valid” as someone without the dough.

end for now although i swear i’ve read far more deep and academic…

Jan. 08 – wondering what my next book will be. …




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