Articles on SSA/Disability Benefits

2 01 2008

SSA or SSI Benefits from the gov… can I apply…just curious.. wouldn’t you be if you have a chronic disease?  Otherwise known as bennies, here are some links I found as I’ve begun doing my weekly curiosity research.  I was curious when all the hell i’m going through might allow me to take a break before it killing me and how to do that while still being able to eat.  My biggest question going in:  Can a person that still works from home and runs their own business still apply.  The answer is below.

The research is as follows: 1: rheumatoid arthritis, 2: lupus (which i’m in process of diagnosis), and 3: chronic pancreatitis.  if you are wondering how the hell i can have both or all three please visit the timeline/chronology page.

IF YOU STILL WANT TO WORK OR RUN YOUR BIZ:  The Social Security Administration will allow both claimants for benefits, as well as recipients of social security or ssi benefits, to work and receive their benefits as long as their monthly earned income does not exceed the s.g.a. limit. (Sga=substantial gainful activity). SSA determines by those who are unable to earn at least the sga amount each month, pretax, may be considered eligible to receive benefits, provided their medical evidence supports an approval of benefits. BUT The sga amount for 2007 is $900.00 per month. Claimants must bear in mind, though, that this earnings threshold is based on gross income, not net. 

Start here: General Article “How Does Social Security Define “disability” @
Have you ever wondered what the “definition” of disability is? I know you have…we all believe we know “who” is disabled and “who” is not. Heck, you can tell just by looking at a person! Doctors are usually certain they know whether their patients meet the “definition” of disabled.”

  1. Visit this lawyers site (i’m not suggesting to hire them – but merely as a research resource): – “Certain standards of disability must be met before Social Security Disability benefits are granted.”

“In order to qualify for SSDI or SSI for Rheumatoid arthritis or Osteoarthritis must cause a major dysfunction of the joints, involving an anatomical deformity, chronic joint pain, and stiffness that results in limited mobility. Limited mobility is defined by the SSA as: Involvement of one major peripheral weight-bearing joint (i.e., hip, knee, or ankle), resulting in the inability to ambulate effectively OR Involvement of one major peripheral joint in each upper extremity (i.e., shoulder, elbow, or wrist-hand), resulting in the inability to perform fine and gross movements effectively”

2. – “For more information on the social security disability system and process, as well as the SSI disability system, follow the link to Disability


LUPUS: End result of my research: Of course Lupus, or Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus sufferers can file for SSI. As long as you’re unable to work.

Shockingly Interstitial Cystitis also counts which surprises me since I have it but never talk about it since it is in remission for 6 years (thank goshhhhh!!!!)

– seemed to answer my other questions on all chronic diseases and I’m exhausted… so that’s it for today.




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