Officially off Prednisone!!

3 01 2008

I am now officially 5 days off of prednisone.  This evil beast.  Look up prednisone in google images and you’ll see loads of people looking like I do.  I’m not alone.  bloated, heavy, grumpy, big cheeks, crazy!! I went down super slow – beyond slow – which is what i’d recommend. after 5 mg I actually went down 1mg every 5 days. I’m already losing a bit of the moon face. amazing! Good way to do it after being on it for so long.  I tried faster but was a mess.

Prednisone Chemically

I have the flu (green snot and green cough) since I’m also on methotrexate – which supresses the immune system – it’s violent…now on antibiotics.  i did have to miss work today – but Ive been going strong tonight and today I went to look for glass frames with Jax. Things are pretty good. I will admit that it’s been a dry-dry few weeks sex-wise (since actual intercourse it would be a dry many months)… but we’re getting there. My cold and his cold are all too much for both of us right now. xmas-season is extremely hard on everyone. pharmacies in different cities, planes, trains, cards, odd beds, folks…

I did get dramatically depressed and then not depressed about the topic of being able to have kids. maybe it’s not in my cards. i can hardly stay well beyond 3 days – how would it be possible? A thought for another day. Happy New Year (we spent new years eve in a blanket ball on the couch with a box of tissues!) – Here’s to 2008     Sasha      …. PS: I’m bummed that This post: Pushing Him Against A Wall is no longer listed since I wrote it in early November- but still appropriate thoughts….




One response

10 10 2008

I have had RA for 8 years and it really helps to FORCE myself to get out and get what excercise I can manage (even if it’s just a 5 min. walk) I got a Life cycle and it has made me feel much better because I think the smooth easy cardio workout had engaged my body to fight. I learned from my doctor that most RA patients die of heart disease because eventually the disease moves into the smooth muscle surrounding the heart. So I was proud of myself for having just gotten the bike. I try try try to BELIEVE that our bodies can get better in spite of what all the doctors and pharmacists say. Afterall, they are educated by the pharmacutical companies, so they believe what they say is true:that we will have this disease FOREVER. well, I’ve personally met three people who HAD the disease and no longer have it. Of course, the doctors just snicker and say ‘oh, well, they are just in remission’. Just a side note- power of positive thinking- when I was young and very strong and fit, I was ding a rock climb with my climbing instructor, Rico, in West Virginia, Seneca Rocks, Well, we read our map wrong and instead of doing the climb route we had picked (a fairly easy 5.2)
we ended up on what we later found out was a 5.11(very hard for me). I was on belay (my partner way up ahead of me and over me with the rope tight enough to keep me from falling too far), and I could not look up and see him anymore because there was an overhang of about four feet 90 degrees straight out from the rock face. Well, I had never successfully done an overhang. The few times I tried on much more mild overhangs, I usually ended up with the front of me skinned up or bonked. So there I am several hundred yards from earth with this overhang looming over me and I started tugging on the rope to try to let Rico know it was not going to happen and he needed to come back down. Each time I tugged tugged tugged I just felt him tug tug tug back. I had bellowed out his name over and over, but no one answered but a hawk flying by. I remember talking out loud to myself saying o.k. o.k. o.k.(I have since learned that our brains HEAR what we tell ourselves). So I began creeping upside down like a spider with me feet as wide as I could and talking talking talking the whole time. God only knows how, but I made it around and when I got to the top and saw Rico’s smiling face along with some other climbers who had done different routes, it was a moment of occomplishment I will never forget. It reminds me how we have abilities we honestly think we are not capable of. I have three beautiful children (I’m 43 now) and I had four miscarriages in the process of trying for my kids. Was it heartbreaking for each disappointment? Oh, yes. But if I hadn’t kept trying, I would not have the family I do today and I don’t know how I’d make it through or how I had made it through some real low valleys with this illness. The pain of being pregnant is real and tough but I can say honestly, it is so worth it. Just remember we can do things we don’t sometimes think we can. And I keep telling myself again and again that for every disease out there, there is a story of someone getting completely healed. So let’s all try to tell ourselves something brave and inspiring today.

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