Big Deal

14 01 2008

Quick note – I’m really ill right now. Not sure what triggered it. Been in bed for days. Jax is being so supportive right now! I’m so swollen and miserable from the R.A. while the prednisone is still lingering in my body (now off for 3 weeks) I weigh 173 (highest EVER in my life) but my face seems to be going down a little. If I was strong enough to excercise I could lose some weight, but I haven’t been doing well. Jax is out shopping for a few needs.  I’m going back to couch to sleep now. Bored of bed. – Sasha

P.S.-new doc diagnosed me w/ lupus 3 days ago. He said he’ll give me more info this Tuesday.  He did tell me not to take methotrexate for now.  The crap thing is I’m not supposed to take until Tues/  but I have the most severe heart burn (never had before I began methotrexate) and esophagus burns and is on fire. In addition, I feel so truly horrible and swollen from the RA.   Welcome to my nightmare.  Trying to stay positive but really depressed.




One response

17 01 2008

I keep turning down offers to take methotrexate. My RA is really flaring now, too. I met a woman in the hospital today with RA. She’s taking Enbrel shots and is PAIN FREE! I can’t even imagine what that feels like.

Oh, oh, quit collecting autoimmune diseases like me. If it’s any consolation, the longer I’ve had all these diseases, the easier it gets. You just get used to tons of pain ;-p

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