Xrays and being a clutz

27 01 2008


I must be the most absurd clutz there is. Jax had to take me to the hospital on Friday because of this silly story: Thurs. nite I ran/walked quickly into a cabinet that i left open. Jax had asked me to close the back door after him. So, I walked into it a cabinet at full speed and it punched the corner of my pancreatic pump at top speed. KABOOM. I was knocked to the ground. My breath was gone. Okay – I cried like a baby for awhile. Jax held me and ran his fingers through my hair. [what would i do without Jax?] Let me explain – my metal pump is the size of a treo telephone or a blackberry (crackberry). it’s all metal with machine parts and a catheter to my pancreas to put medication there.


If you f.. it up you could have to have surgery right away to reattach the catheter. OR (this could be a urban myth) in very rare cases (a friend of mine had an aunt who died this way but not from being bumped or hit or anything) I’ve heard that the pump has leaked medicine (morphine) but too much at once. …Then I woke up on Friday morning at 6am with this sharp pain going up my spine and fown my ribs plus I had the world’s worst headache that I’ve only ever had when my spinal fluid was shook during my pump trial. (like an epidural headache). So we rushed to the hospital, called the doctor and had to get xrays to be sure everything was okay with the pump. Thank god it was… but I really am a clutz. I still feel weak fro it but I’m back to normal. A clutz. -sasha




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