Cost of Health

1 03 2008

I received this great question this week:

I was wondering how you deal with health insurance being self employed and all. I finish with grad school soon, and I am a little stressed about going out into the work force and finding coverage. I thought you might have some good insight.

Initially I did enormous amounts of research and tried to think of any groups that I belong to. Organizations often do group coverage for its members. Ironically, I found these to be far more expensive then if I went on my own. Next, I discovered that if I didn’t see a doctor for an entire year that I could possibly get regular insurance rather than high risk. This plan worked but it was a lot of work and frightening and dangerous if anything had happened to me during that time. I then had to get letters from all my doctors stating that i had not seen them in over a year and that they did not feel that I was having any symptoms. All of this was entirely true – I had no RA symptoms and pancreatitis was in remission. My documents had only said acute pancreatitis, so it was possible that I’d never have an issue again.

Then I signed up and bought insurance through a health insurance agency. They get paid by the insurance company rather than by me. I love my agency and have recommended them to many people. They helped me get a good plan for me. My insurance sucks though. Truly – and it would be much better if I had insurance through Jax’s company – but we’re not married and Jax does not want to get married for business or financial reasons.. Grrr… So my premium has gone up dramatically these past two years AND enbrel costs me $218 per two weeks (twice a week). Is that totally insane! Yes! What do other people pay after insurance?

So the answer for me to this question is this: I freak out, worry and then try to negotiate with every doctor/hospital bill to go on a payment plan.

If anyone else has a much better health insurance approach I would love to hear about it since I’ve had a tough time finding decent non-advertisement type info on the web about this.





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23 03 2008

Yes! I have gone through an assistance program now and just wrote how to do it on my latest blog of March 22nd-March 23rd. I do hope it helps others. Thanks so much for your comment and mentioning it. Much appreciated! – Sasha

pS- now I just need to find one for the meds in my intrathecal pump for pancreatitis. anyone know how to get discounted morphine?

14 03 2008

Thanks for writing this up. It doesn’t help ease my worry about getting health insurance, but it is good to know. I have heard of a lot of people getting the drug companies such as Abbott and Amgen to pay for the drugs through assistance drug plans. I hope that works for you!

7 03 2008

This is great info! I’m going to start looking into this for Enbrel. Killer! -Sasha

5 03 2008

Hi Sasha,
With my Humira injections, they gave me a large portfolio of information and along with that wealth of information was another sheet of paper to possibly help defray the costs of the drug if I was not able to financially upkeep myself under my insurance. You may want to check with the Enbrel staff or manufacturers. Think tropical thoughts! I know I do!!

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