Sweet Thing

14 03 2008

As you know I’ve been battling with the massive weight I gained while on Prednisone. (40 pounds!) I’ve been on the weight watchers diet and also been really watching how much I eat. Now, 2 months out from last taking prednisone I’ve only been able to lose 2 pounds due to my inability to seriously exercise with RA still uncontrolled due to a snafu in my appointment to get more Enbrel. So… why do I call this “Sweet Thing”? Because even though I haven’t lost much weight – my body does seem to be going back to its old shape (thank God!). My breasts are luckily shrinking back into my regular bra size and I no longer feel like I can put my dinner plate on them rather than the table.

At work yesterday I got the greatest compliment from a client who only met me in December and never knew what I really look like. No moon face, no double chin, no extra bag of blubber at my belly…. and he said “wow! You’re looking really fit! Have you been working out a lot?” This is the nicest possible thing someone could say right now to boost my self-esteem. Plus my Enbrel starts again in a few days.

I pulled yet another 36 hour work day and am about to go to sleep. I still can’t seem to break my old ways of expecting my body to be up for anything. I know the consequence is losing my entire weekend to sleep…but I still just can’t seem to mentally give in to the fact that my body can’t keep up. In fact, without the Enbrel AND lack of sleep I know I’m killing myself or at least shortening it. The person who suffers for all of this stupidity is my Jax (read about to learn more about our relationship). It takes a big chunking toll out of our harmony when I do lame stuff like this. I’ve got to bacome less of a workaholic if I expect to be kind to myself. I just hate saying NO to work I love! -Sasha




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6 02 2009

once you get under 10 mg how long does it take for the Moon face to go away? I have gained 25 lbs since my journey down the predisone road. I wish I knew how much of that was “water weight” and how much is just plain fat from all the food I have been unable to stop eating. any news would be appreciated.
thanks and I hope we all get well .

28 10 2008

i find that once you get below ten mg it’s easy to get rid of the weight
i also have ra and i found that swimming is the best exercise to do when you’re sore. when i was diagnosed i was 69kg and then i went up to 79! then i dunno how i managed it but got down to 58 kg and now i’m back at a reasonably health 67 kg’s but i’m taking 20mg of prednisone (i’m 1.7 m tall)

23 03 2008

Oh how I wish i had listened to my body and your advice sooner! Thanks so much! I just wrote about my past 50 hours in bed. Hopefully things will change now that I’ve begun my enbrel meds again.

18 03 2008

I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering with arthritis.

New research released today shows that a gluten free, vegan diet can help people with rheumatoid arthritis as they are susceptible to hardening of the arteries and this diet significantly reduces the risks.

I’ve written more on my http://www.ethicaleating.org.uk website. I hope the information can help you and many others.

16 03 2008

Hey girl,
I’m glad you’re feeling better about your body. Gawd, we all hate the prednisone ‘moon face’, lol. Thankfully I’m dropping a few pounds myself, yay! OK, now I’m going to be the mother hen and tell you to slow down….you don’t want to throw yourself into full flare over work~even though you love it. Take it easy and relax this weekend, k?
Be well

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