RA Has Me Down, Down, Down

23 03 2008

I feel like I am struggling in a very large way just to stay on this planet. I feel very far away from being truly alive – perhaps at a picnic or giggling and laughing. I’m just digging my fingernails into being here.
I haven’t written for a week because as one of my brilliant commenters predicted – I have been fully 100% stopped by my body. It is not my wish or desire and i have fought it tooth and nail…but I’ve been in bed for 50 or so hours with the only ability of sleeping. I’ve gotten up to eat some cereal and to get cheered up by writing and reading for a few moments.

I’ve finally gotten the Enbrel medication sorted out. I took my first dose in ages on Thursday. I’ve been off for so long now -I am so upset since I truly believed that my new life would have gotten started and I would now be on my way. It was 50mg and then I promptly went to sleep and never seemed to wake up. I did finally find out about how to get Enbrel discounted. I can’t believe that the doctor’s office never mentioned it to me!! I also don’t understand why my insurance didn’t mention it to me. I cant believe no one mentioned it to me! This is the scoop:If your health insurance doesn’t cover more than a certain amount than you can be eligible via a plan called quick assist. It is also called EZ Step. They are slightly different plans – but I’m still not clear which one is for which. Either way, I got on Quick Assist. My doctor’s office had the cards that I could then activate. I am very unclear why the doctor’s office didn’t mention it. I wonder if you have to know about the card in order to mention it? So, then the card has a 1-800- number on it that you call and get things set-up. Then of course you have to do the same with your health insurance. Very time consuming!

Now I need to find the same type of game plan for the medicine I use for my intrathecal pump (skip to bottom of page for info on my pump and pancreatitis)! I need to find out some good information on that front. So please do share if you know how to get morphine at a better price. Whew! That would take a huge load off of my back!

ON WORK THOUGHTS: My huge presentation is in the first week of April so I still have time to make proper plans for that. Also, my other much more important presentation at the end of April is still going okay – so the sleep hasn’t totally screwed up my life…but I did have to call in sick to work on Friday. I did not want to – but it was unavoidable.

I really hope this has helped someone!!! SASHA




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21 01 2009
FL Enbrel Patient

I too take Enbrel for psoriasis, I had been taking it for about 2 years paying a co-pay of $50 a month. Then switched to a new insurance where I must meet a deductible of $2,100 CYD (Calendar Year Date). The cost of the medication (25mg) alone cost me about $1,600. I was upset about the new insurance company called my doctor, and they called my insurance to get it “prior-authorization” and they never mentioned about the EZ Step card. Nor did they mentioned they had them in their office. After contacting Enliven Services (Enbrel) they took my insurance infor for verification purposes, and then offered me an EZ Step card for dermatological purposes. With a one time cost of $50 for the use of $4,800 coverage of the medication. So in a recap, I know pay $50 for the medication for the year, versus $600 in the past. If you cant’ afford it ask for Finacial Help through Enbrel!!! It really has saved me so much headache….

4 05 2008
Mad goat lady

Oh and I am off to add you to my blog roll…hope that’s ok? 😛

4 05 2008
Mad goat lady

I can relate to you and your trials so well.

I too suffer from RA along with Lupus and Fibromyalgia..find some (read most) days a bit of a battle but somehow struggle through.

Hang in there 🙂

25 03 2008

I’ve enjoyed your posts. Simply knowing someone else is struggling with many of the same issues is a comfort. Thanks, and best of luck with your R.A.!

27 10 2010

I enjoy your posts and information and hope you are feeling better.

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