Flying with RA

11 04 2008

I just returned from a huge trip and 4 presentations. They were about my work but also – by request, very personal about my journey. Many of the things were about my past that I don’t even have the courage to write about anywhere. Childhood abuse can be so destructive to everyone including the abuser. I’ve had a happy life despite the rages of anger from others running through it. What’s important is that now my life is calm and happy mostly. It’s lack of drama brings a deep joy to my mind.

Flying with RA. So, I’ve been back on enbrel a few weeks. I haven’t hit that “okay” point yet. I went to a science museum with some family and had to get a scooter since walking was almost impossible by sunday. The scooter battery dies after many rides for my nephew on my lap. He asked me “can you run?” I wondered if I could after a few more weeks of enbrel.

I swapped the scooter for the wheelchair and opted for the same at the airport the next day. My pancreas pump offers me a shiny medical card so I get handsearched. I prefer it. The wheelchair meant I was very late, but everyone was very sweet. I couldn’t go get a magazine or snacks – no Dunkin’ Donuts for my Jax. But by the 6th day of my trip I really couldn’t walk anyhow. Not without stumbling and looking like my ass got disconnected from my legs.

On my way out, Jax put an enbrel syringe in a ziploc bag with 2 icepacks. Jax rubberbanded it up and safely packed it in papertowels – it went fine. I brought my enbrel card in case.

Jax picked me up and helped me in every possible way. The only issue was getting told to “fucking move out of the way” by an impatient passenger. When I cried out ” I can’t you idiot! I’m not an able bodied person!!!” The stewardess moved me from the asshole and told me it takes all kinds. I called Jax to calm me down. What would I do without Jax?

So flying was okay, but I won’t schedule very much travel from now on. I’ve slept 3 days straight on my return. I messed up work as a result. I just couldn’t stop sleeping. Just like one of my readers/commenters writes – anytime you sleep for so long you get up very depressed. You feel like you’ve wasted your whole life. As if all of your obligations have fallen apart.

I have another huge trip in a week or so plus a month long trip in june. I’m mentally preparing myself but I hope the enbrel will be really working by then!!




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4 05 2008

For Jennie of – you are awesome and so happy to have met you online. Wow! That must be incredible to have 10 month old twins! Holy mackerel! Somehow I made it through my last trips fine & just returned but I am now always asking for a wheelchair because i just can’t do it without… it’s less stressful with the wheelchair but freaks everyone out (family, friends) but I’ve decided to not care abut what they worry about & instead take care of my needs. That is a HARD thing for me to do. All the best and I’ve begun reading your posts also. -Sasha

4 05 2008

I wanted to reply to raandme and coach bob, thanks so much for your kind words. I don’t feel strong or inspiring right now. I try hard to inspire young teen girls but right now i can’t even pick myself up on the depression floor. The hardest is the exhaustion due to the pain. What a nasty disease! Also to find the balance between no too much work & enough work to keep my mind off of it – Sasha

29 04 2008
Alexis Kenne

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15 04 2008

Sasha my heart pours out to you. I’m impressed with your comment to the idiot passanger. I’m not even going to suggest this or that. You know your body and what it will take and I am sure you have done your fair share of research. About the only thing I can even say is for you to pace yourself on your next trip and try not to over due it. Best wishes to you Sasha.

Healthy Arthritis Smiles to You

14 04 2008

I think you are truly amazing. I am currently going through all your past posts.
It’s fantastic to read about someone else going through some of the same things.
Anyways, keep it up. You are very inspiring!

14 04 2008

I was searching and just found your blog. I have a big trip coming up this weekend and I am flaring big time. I am flying with my 10 month old twins and my husband is certain I can’t do it (fooey, but it’s hard to argue with him when I can barely walk!). He convinced me to take my 14 year old stepson to help – wish me luck and I wish you the same!

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