Getting Outta Meetings -Tip#1

18 05 2008

I’ve decided to begin a tip list. It’s just a little addition area to my blog that will list some helpful tips on dealing with health crisis. For example, how to deal with billing offices and tips i have found along the way. Today’s item is called:

Getting Outta Meetings: Tip#1
It would be a fantastic world if i did not have to write a blog about my medical issues – that become life issues – that become relationship issues. I loathe and detest every moment of my life I have to waste on medical office billing calls, insurance company calls, grievance letters for my lame insurance company to pay up, and relationship issues with friends, family, and my Jax as a result of my health issues.

I’ve been more up front with people lately in stating “I have really crappy health – so could you just come to my place and I’ll make us some tea or drinks…that way I don’t have to cancel plans on you”. It works out well since very few people actually take the bait and schedule to meet after I say that…this allows me more time to spend sleeping-resting and basically stopping the madness. – Share your tips with us on life/dealing with a chronic disease (or two).. by entering it into the comments area below. – Sasha xoxo




2 responses

24 06 2008
David Morgan

I hear you, I understand. Oh, just to get up and go to work again, what a day that would be. This stuff came on so fast, so completely disableing. I have to plan a trip to the store as if I were going to the beach. A cooler with drinks, and don’t forget the meds you’ll need. I had better go, I have had a vbery,very bad day. Thanks

12 06 2008
Sue Huss

Low thyroid seems to have caused many health issues in my life. My doctor would just brush it off when I complained.

If you suspect low thyroid find a doctor who will listen.

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