Steroids Strike Again

18 05 2008

Believe me, I have much better things to do with my life then complain about my weight and kvetch about doctors…I mean I run a company and could barely stay awake long enough this week to sign everyone’s paychecks! What a train wreck! I have 2 days of to-do’s completely un-done. I’m crushed. How can I keep my career going at this rate?

This week my pain management doc had a “private” meeting with me (he sent Jax out of the room which is very unusual..never been done). He told me how he is worried that I’ve been gaining so much weight. In fact, I haven’t gained any weight since January, but I’m not sure if he understood that. It was very painful mentally. Facing the facts that I am fat is impossible! I’ve never been this blubbery my whole life and I am not dealing with it well. The last thing I want to do is give a report about my non-decreasing weight and my inability to get anything done… I know Jax doesn’t want to hear about it.. but there is news from the front lines of my doctor’s offices. I finally couldn’t deal with the extreme exhaustion anymore and i mentioned it to my RA doc… I am still not a fan of his (he’s new as of January) and I’ve not yet been able to win him over. I told him about my inability to get ANYTHING done except for 1 day this week… and he said it could be my weight… That’s when you just say HUH?!?!?! Jax calmed me down from freaking out that my doctor told me I’ve become fat.

I was 132lbs from 18 years old-35 years old. It’s only been the past 5 months since my 35th birthday that I was put on steroids and then gained weight… I wish I had gotten on Weight Watchers the second I starting taking steroids! Now I’m 174lbs and can’t lose weight for the life of me. I eat almost nothing. The food I’m eating is all weight watchers approved. I should technically be losing weight according to the Weight Watcher’s calculator. Also, I started working out again, yet I can’t stop gaining weight. I’ve actually been working out each body part with a DVD rental new per week from Netflix. I actually think it is a great motivation to workout! I’ve been guzzling water and doing the right things but still I gain (or at least never lose) weight. There was a moment when I rejoiced for losing 1.5lbs… but that is not enough to even be real.

About the same time I started taking steroids I’ve had the following symptoms: extreme exhaustion (part of

RA symptom), some hair falling out, weight gain, and freezing cold hands/feet even when i am boiling up. I asked the doc if it could be anything else besides RA but no one would listen. Finally, on Friday I called the doc after my bloodwork came in and turns out that I have hypothyroid. (Link to webmd site on hypothyroid). I have every symptom but again it’s masked as RA. The RA doc said {CLICK HERE TO READ ON ABOUT THE SOLUTION, PREDNISONE, and CP}…HERE –>

he wont give me meds for it for at least a month. WHY??? I’m already having a miserable time trying to work. This is insane!!!Thyroid is Located Here

What now? I’m going to skip the endocrinologist who normally deals with this stuff since I think he’s too stuffy and kinda a jerk. Clearly my RA doctor is over-cautious. He wants to blame the morphine and percoset I’m forced to take for my pancreatitis (CP). It’s impossible since it never caused this issue alone. It wasn’t until i took the evil prednisone that this became an issue! It makes me truly wonder how they are so 70% certain I have RA and not lupus.. they really don’t know that much at all.

Instead I’m going to try to get a trial of some meds to fix from my general doctor. I hope it helps my weight issue, and more importantly my exhaustion! I can barely stand these health issues and dealing with another issue just proves how one medicine screws up other areas of your body whether the medical community will admit it or not.

I need to rest.. I am annoyed just thinking about it! –Sasha xoxo.




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17 07 2008

Sasha – thank you for this blog. Sharing your thoughts and experiences is very comforting. I have IgM Nepropathy, which is a rare kidney disease. I’ve been on prednisone and other chemotherapy cocktails for over 2 years. I did a search for prednisone using “evil steroids” and found your blog. Prednisone is truly an evil drug but also a miracle drug. In 2 years, I’ve gained 90 lbs. My stretch marks have their own stretch marks. I’m sure I could go on & on about the steroids, but I just wanted to say “thank you.” Your blog is like balm for the soul.

18 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Pavement

28 05 2008

I too have RA + pancreatitis + hypothyroid (autoimmune) . . . and asthma, fibromyalgia, migraines, depression (go figure!). It’s tough to accept each additional diagnosis, but the more people I talk with the more I find have multiple issues.
I’d go for immediate treatment too. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel once the thyroid is under control.
Docs rarely understand from the patient’s perspective how these symptoms get in the way of – even threaten – our quality of life and our livelihood, and that of the people we share our lives with and who count on us – partners, employees, lovers, friends, children.
Getting good and prompt care for yourself is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to keeping your sanity, your relationships, your income . . . and of course, your health and quality of life.
Don’t let them steal your joy!

19 05 2008

I was recently diagnosed with RA & have been taking a relatively low dose of prednisone to initially get it under control (currently cutting down) & methotrexate for the longer-term care. Side-effects so far have been tolerable – mostly a lot of nausea – and fortunately, just minimal weight gain. I really sympathize with you because about 18 years ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem and have been on thyroid ever since. My first doctor told me I was seeing the wrong kind of doctor – that I needed a shrink! I finally found someone who would listen to me – and who changed my life. He is the same one who finally figured out I had RA despite numerous negative tests. Sometimes these things are hard to diagnose, and the symptoms kind of creep up on you. There are so many reasons to feel tired or stressed, which in turn can affect so many other health issues. Good luck to you in getting a decent doctor. If you live in the Northwest, I can recommend a good one. Thank you for posting such a thoughtful blog. I was pretty scared when I got the definitive diagnosis of RA and was advised to go on aggressive drugs to get it under control. Your blog really helped me put things in perspective and better understand the disease and potential side effects (both physical and personal), and also to appreciate the challenges some people have to deal with (I can’t even imagine trying to run your own business and deal with pancreatis, too!). I can’t tell you how much I admire you.

18 05 2008

Hmm. You know, this isnt the first time I’ve read about someone with an autoimmune disease that also has a thyroid issue.

I have had R.A. for around three years, but was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 5 years ago.

So I just googled it, and reada few articles. Thought it might be helpful. Scroll down to the Arthritis-Thyroid connection.

Sounds like getting diagnosed may be a very good thing for you.
Sounds like I need to see my endocrinologist again. I havnt seen him since I was diagnosed with R.A. and I havnt been on any meds for it.
( Im also dealing with huge amounts of prednisone weight at the moment)
So, maybe this will turn out to be a good thing!

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