Insomnia Kills

24 05 2008

I’m certain that insomnia kills at some point. That reminds me…long before I was with Jax I had dated a Californian Camaro driver. Our romance had moments of great pain & beauty at the same time. We once made love on a rose bush farm near his grandparent’s house. Yes, it hurt – but it was so beautiful and sensual with those rose petals all over my body and their sweet smell hitting my sinuses.

I bring up my ex CC because once he went without sleep for 7 days after we dated and had to be committed as a result. He had seen “great beauty” and had miraculous discoveries (all of them useless once he got some sleep). About a year after CC and I split up he called me and said he hadnt slept for 7 days apparently. We’d split the year earlier due to the fact that he never opened his mail and it drove me totally crazy. Well, that and he also confessed that he never votes. Anyhow, he’d convinced family and friends that we had gotten back together (even though I hadn’t seen him for the whole year). He called me to meet for breakfast at 3:30am and told me all about the beauty of ants. He told me how they line up in a row and are the most amazing creatures ever. On his way to meet me for breakfast he drove back through the farm country (about two hours away) and showed up late that afternoon at his best friends place without his car. He had no idea where he’d left his car. He had no idea how he got to that house. All he knew is that he loved ants and was convinced we were still together. They never found his car and we never had breakfast. The moral of this story is that we all must get sleep or else everything gets all messed up pretty quickly! [true story by the way]. – sasha xoxox




One response

24 06 2008
David Morgan

Sleep, how I wish I could lie down in a bed a sleep for just 3 or 4 hours. It is now 2:45 am and I had made plans for tomorrow, buy grocerys, make a few stops, come home put the grocerys away and rest for several hours. I sleep in the recliner mostly, 45 miniutesmaybe an hour. I have RA and OA, and only God knows what else.I found that B-12 sublinguals 2 or 3 a day really help. The only problem is I can’t take them every day due to heart problems. I know I’m just rambling, but you guys don’t know how much your comments help me. On really bad days when I don’t think I can take it any longer, I come to this site, I don’t always blog, sometimes I just read. I know there, are people in much worse shape than myself and my heart goes out to you. Please just keep sharing, we are the only ones who understand each other. It’s funny how fast friends leave when you can’t keep up the pace of a normal life, do the things you used to do,golf,ride horses, white water raft, to reflect on life at the age of 55 as if you were 75.Thanks for the space. David Morgan

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