Health Insurance Robs Again

26 05 2008

Health Insurance Scandal Update: This weekend I have to go through my health insurance grievances and try to determine how to proceed. My health insurance company isn’t covering almost any of my intrathecal pump maintenance, surgery, or anything. It is highway robbery. I think I need to find a lawyer. It is so insane!!

So far I’ve filed over 20 grievances with the insurance company and provided tons of supporting articles and pages to go along with them. They then only paid more on 2 out of over 20. It is insane! (Read past blog entries on insurance) The next step is go to the state commissioner and the health insurance board. I’m going to do that next stage because I have so many outstanding bills. At least my doctor knows I am trying to fight the system and get him more of his money. (It puts off me having to pay more per month also). I don’t understand why the paid more on those 2 items. It’s like a riddle I need to solve. On the phone an employee said something like, “well..we are paying more on at least one of your claims.” It makes me think that they are compelled to meet a quota of claim rejections. I’m going to get to the bottom of this!!

I’ll keep you posted because this is a very important aspect of having a chronic disease. You already feel like shit, but you have to deal with the paperwork regardless. You also have to deal with the health insurance companies screwing you so hard. I don’t even want to go to the physical therapist that I’ve been told to go to for my bad limp from RA because I know it’ll just cost me too much and the insurance will pay dirt AGAIN. As I go through the insurance grievance process I’ll keep you posted.

– Mad as Hell & I refuse to take it anymore, Sasha xoxo




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