Pass the Pain, Please

7 06 2008

It’s 10:30am on Saturday morning and I just got over a 2 day pancreatic attack. For those of you with RA that don’t (thank god) have pancreatitis let me briefly explain what happens to me: First, the pain coming from my pancreas is excruciating. It is like being stabbed with a bayonet or a long sword directly through your solar plexus. Then it slides down my ribs and around my rib cage. This is usually when I crawl into a ball on the couch or in bed, or on the floor – anywhere really. I take my medicine and wait. I do have a pump but it just helps me to manage being alive. Without my pump I would be very dead. From my understanding, the way a person dies from a pancreatic attack is that the body goes into shock and starts shutting itself off. First, your blood pressure drops very low. Then you temperature goes up to about 101. Next, your system starts turning off all the switches trying to save itself from the shock it is in.

It usually takes about 3 days for me to recover from a pancreatic attack. Now, since my pump, it varies depending on how bad the attack is. I’m not clear why the attacks happen. Sometimes it’s food based, others there’s no rhyme or reason. I never drink even a drop of alcohol. I’m very strict about that. You’ll never ever see me drink a beer or a cocktail.

Since this is all about pancreatitis, I’ll start a new post that’ll be about RA to talk more about what’s happening in life. I suppose i don’t like to cross-pollinate the diseases.  If you’re new to this blog and interested to read more, the chronology page might be a good place to start.  –Sasha xoxo




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22 06 2008

Sasha, I wanted to let you know I just came across your web page today . Im so glad I found it. I was diagnosed with CP about a year ago. I have never been a big drinker, but a social drinker. When I first arrived at the hospital with the worst pain a person can imagine (oh wait, You know ) the Drs. at the hospital were all quick to automaticaly asume I was an alcoholic. I was in hospital for about 6 days on IV and pain meds. When it was time to leave, I was told by the hospital GI to quit drinking, and I would never have this happen again HAHAHAHAHAHHA RIGHT I tried to explain to these wonderful DRS. that this was not brought on by alcohol, but they just shook their head> I have found most of the ER DRS. (and God knows ive been to enough ERS.) are major buttheads who dont really have a clue. I am nowfighting with my insurance company to pay for these hospital stays Since the first attack, i had to resign from work (long story) and now have no health care what so ever!!! GREAT!! LAst attack, was one week ago. Went to hospital lipase or is that amylise was sky high blood pressure was low, they shot me up with dolodin (I think thats the pain med) and told me to go home and not eat or drink for 2 days OKIE DOKIE! Im on enzymes from my former GI where i used to live and when i had insurance, but Ijust read an article where I think I should be taking more. WOW these enzymes are incredibly expensive, and some days, just getting through the day seems a strugle. I just wanted to drop a note, to tell you i am going to start at the beginning of your story, and maybe I can understand what the hell is happening to me too. With much compassion and a non painfull day to us all, Eileen

18 06 2008

I get excruiating pain in my chronic condition but not a sbad the attack of acute pancreatitis I had 4 yrs ago.I hate the feeling of nausea I get
the temperature…the feeling of heavy poison in my solar plexus..pain in back..liver too…I could go on but right now Im too confused n depressed with anti-biotics not seeming to stop infection…,needing an ERCP (which gave me the acute attack in the first place)and the prospect of the fun going out of life.I dont drink alcohol or eat shellfish or loads of sugar or fat.Exercise is getting to be non-existent.
I am sorry you have such trouble n need your pump…you sound brave.
Lets hope it all improves.

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