What’s In Common? Automimmune Diseases

3 07 2008

I’ve noticed a ton of readers to this site have common auto-immune diseases.  i wish modern medicine wasn’t in the dark ages!!!  I mean, what is in common with IC, CP, RA, and hypothyroid?  If I were a doctor i would certainly look into it!  Blimey!  There’s enough of us out there that all have more than 1-2 autoimmune diseases!

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing a book similar to this blog about my journey through the pain.  Do you think it’d be a good use of my time?   I’d love to hear your thoughts about the parts of day to day life that are the hardest to get through.  (as a caretaker OR as the person with the disease).  As you might know, I hate the theory that the disease is a 3rd partner in the relationship.. it simply gives it too much power and a disease doesn’t deserve more than a nod.  (I say this of course after being taken down in my bed for the past 3 days).. but I hope you know what I mean – I piece of mind…  a state of mind.

So, as I may have mentioned a few posts earlier, I am working with some at-risk teenage kids this summer.
I’m looking high and low for donations to pay for the gas needed to get them to the classrooms.  Also, the food to feed them during breaks.  If you could spare $5, $10, $25, $50 or even $100 for the girls they will be so deeply grateful.  Visit my donations page to get more info.

Also, one reader asked how to read this blog chronologically and how to know when they were written.  Best thing to do is go to the Chronological page.  The items are chronological there.  Also, the calendar on the right starts January 2007 and you can read by date from there.  Additionally, the date of each post is listed just below the Blog’s title.  Hope that helps.    Love, Sasha x0x0x0




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