Phone Chat

12 07 2008

Have you ever seen those late night ads for “sexy talk” or phone dates? It’s always a potentially but not hot woman talking several octaves lower than her normal voice. There’s always lots of hair, a couch, and cheesy lighting.

I was thinking how fabulous it would be to have one for the “Hot RA FoneChat”. The girl’s super hot, there’s the couch, the lighting but as she gets up to walk around with the phone – well, she has RA so she strains hard to get up using all of her might.

Her hands are red and swollen. “The talk is so hot”. Then you see her cane against the couch, temporarily unneeded. As she is finally up she limps with each sexy step. CUTAWAY to her dancing… (She’s watching everyone else dance) and

“we’ll have lots of fun together” as we see the couple with needles injecting Enbrel together. Cheesy smiles as they put on each others bandaids. Then, as the ad comes to a close and she’s back on the couch putting a cold pack or compress oround her arm, but she falls asleep as she gives the phone number – out of exhaustion of course.

Just a thought. –Sasha xoxo




2 responses

8 08 2008

Sasha, so funny. We have to have a twisted sense of humor to get through this, don’t we??? 🙂

Lots of love,


(Will be back to read more — can’t wait!)

12 07 2008

Hahahaha. I dont think I’ve laughed so hard in a very long time. Next time I have an Enbrel injection, Im going to rememeber this posts and do a cheesy smile. Thank you for the laugh!

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