RA and Bones Cracking

26 07 2008

My bones seem to crack all the time. When I stand up my elbows crack.  When I move my ankle they crack also.  I was curious how many others with RA have the cracking bone thing going on?

Have you ever seen the TV Show HEROES?  I love the show and tonight Jax and Iwere pondering what super powers we wish we had.  He’d like to have muscle memory where your muscles can repeat anything they’ve ever learned/seen once before even if briefly.  I originally would’ve said the ability to fly, but with autoimmune diseases it isn’t a hard choice- i’d be able to heal from anything (like Claire and Adam Morrow).  I’d heal my bones right up and fix whatever the heck is wrong with my pancreas.  I’d never need a doctor again.  Emergency Rooms would be a thing of the past, for me at least.  Then, I’d hope it gets passed on to my kids so I wouldn’t have to worry about this getting passed down.

It’s hard to understand, but if I lived only 15 years earlier I would be in a wheel chair!!  Now that is horrific!  Right before I got put on Enbrel (even with methotrexate) I couldn’t even go up the stairs anymore.   I certainly don’t want pity – I was just stating a fact.

Jax is sound alseep upstairs.  I’ll go join him.  he’s got the best lips in the whole world.  I know you may think your mate/lover does, but I assure you that you’re wrong about that.  I call them his two pillows.  He’s got the best two pillows anywhere.  Plus his other two pillows are also the best (his bum).  but don’t get any ideas- I’m not sharing Jax.  He’s got me as long as he can stand me.  (Going on 6 years now and growing).

-Love, Sasha xoxoxo




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25 08 2008

Hi Heidi,
I had signs for RA for a few years before I finally went and got myself checked out. It’s easy to ignore when the pain comes and goes in the early stages. I used to be really active before being diagnosed with RA. Running, volleyball, swimming, baseball, soccer; any sport under the sun was one I loved. My first thought when I started self-diagnosing was also the fear of losing the ability to run, jump, play…to basically be young (my pain started in my early 20s). But I think it’s easy to get caught up in “what if’s” before knowing. Modern medicine is marvelous; before my meds, I could barely walk across a parking lot or comb my hair. After being on methotrexate, I regained a lot of the abilities I had lost, such as running (moderately), jumping, tip-toeing, and yoga.

Definitely get insurance, because medications are necessary to prevent further damage and pain! Doesn’t UCI have mandatory health insurance if you’re a student? I was under the impression that all the UCs required it, but it just could be my UC (I work at UCSD).

The first few months/years of not knowing can be the scariest – you dream of all these gloomy scenarios that MIGHT play out. But it’s important to meet with a specialist, track the progress of your particular diagnosis, and adjust your lifestyle as needed. I think for me, the morbid thoughts declined when I realized that projecting into what MIGHT be was completely overshadowing how things currently are. And my specialist was VERY helpful, walking me through many emotional breakdowns and helping me find (correct) answers!

It helps to have a support group, even if it’s just a few close friends who you can talk to about RA. For me, there’s comfort in online journals (such as Sasha’s!), or my med school friends, pharm school friends, and colleagues who are constantly emailing me with new articles and updates they have on the drugs used to treat RA.

I hope this has been helpful. And Sasha, I hope you don’t mind my responding on your website.


(you can reach me by email at likewhoa707ra [at] yahoo [dot]com if you have any further questions)

24 08 2008

I almost forgot. My bones all crack too! Sorry for the “woe is me” analogue.


24 08 2008

I’m not sure if I’m allowed as I am not diagnosed with RA. My father had it severley and he died as complication at age 56. He also had 3 other AI’s: vasculitis, scleritis, spondylitis,and uveitis.

I have had signs of it for the last 7-9 years, but four years ago I had a baby boy (C-section). Since his birth my symptoms have gotten really bad. I went to my doctor almost 2 years ago and gave him a family history, but he assured me there was nothing wrong with me. This happened to my sister too and four years later she found out she was almost stage 4 breast cancer (she’s a survivor!).

After listening to co-workers, friends, associates tell me; “Maybe your making yourself sick” I finally got a female doctor. I made the test appointments and then my company switched insurance companies. No problem, I waited for the transition and promptly went in when I was laid off.

I am scared after watching what my father endured for almost 30 years. I now have bumps on the top of both wrists and can barely button my sons shirt. The flare-ups seem to be closer and closer and last longer. I have lost 55 lbs. in the last 9 months. The pain is now getting more prominent in my elbows, toes, hips, etc. I have been running my whole life, it’s sorta like a meditation for me and the thought of not being able to run one day depresses me.

I am looking at getting into UCI in souther california, but I don’t know where I stand with no medical insurance. I guess I just need someone to tell me how important this is. My career may soon be over and I will have to start a new one as my hands seem to be deteriorating before me.

Can anyone offer advice please? I would truly appreciate it.

I worry about passing this to my son too……I’m a wreck and feel like the inevitable diagnosis is looming. How do you guys get through the initial thoughts? I am terrified!

Heidi – “Highlife”

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