Hitting Back

21 09 2008

You may recall that I’ve been working on a huge project for the past few months. It’s taken me out of town for 3 years, caused enormous stress, and caused great joy. The main issue with the project is that I’m paying for this project with my own money and donations. Over the past year and a half I’ve had enough medical issues to run my bank account dry.

So I’ve been struggling financially and now that I’m finished with the major areas I can now take in a deep breath to resolve it. But how do I resolve having no money when the economy is crap.

The issue is the my rheumatologist is a pompous overpriced prick. I’m listed to see a new one in 2-3 months (earliest I can get in), but need to see this one asap in order to get a refill on my Enbrel (a must have for me to walk or stay awake). Due to lack of funds and the Dr.’S policy of being all paid up before next appointment, I asked the doctor if I could pay him in two months. They refused.

so how can I get Enbrel without seeing the doc? It’s too complex to explain, but I’m so worried I’ll be without it for almost 2 weeks at least! This could be disasterous!!!
What am I going to do?

On other fronts, Jax and I had made a massive step forward in our sexual relationship. Only one week later everything’s a mess. He’s been taking a mental and physical holiday from me. He’s been hanging out with his friends which is fantastic. I used to beg him to go out so he wouldn’t resent being home all the time with me like a martyr. But it all came to head this week when he continually would go out with his buds during the times he had already made plans with me.

I know this sounds petty, but there’s much more to it … Less than 2 weeks ago he was telling me how unhappy he is with “us” because of my diseases.

I have to run but I’m in a real mess and need to figure out if we”ll even stay together. It’s starting to seem grim after 5 years of being together.

More very soon, Sasha xoxox




One response

21 09 2008

you and Jax have been through so much, i’m rooting for you from afar!

my rheumatologist is also not so great, and i had to switch from a GREAT one to this one, so i’m a little unhappy. Maybe once I decide to do enbrel and have a few months on it, i’ll switch to a more compassionate specialist.

stay positive and keep us (your faithful readers) posted! 🙂


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