30 09 2008

Do you like the new design? Tell me your thoughts.

Today marks about two weeks since I haven’t been on Enbrel. Man, oh man can I tell!! I woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain in my elbows, shoulders, and hands. I couldn’t sleep. So instead at work I slept off and on like an odd robot. Crash-boom-bam!

Have you ever had someone break up with you? What about breaking up with you for medical reasons? I suppose it’s fairly common. But what about if they went through the very worst part of your diseases combined?

Jax moved to my old office next door. I know he’s not far away, but it feels far away. He’s taking time to collect himself and I’ve mentioned that it’s been devastating. We’ve worked it out so that he at least eats dinner w/ me…but it sure isnt the same.

I don’t feel like writing much so read the last few posts I’ve written and you’ll probably understand things a little better than I do. That’s not a joke!!

I will say a few new items. I’m afraid to feel badly around Jax now. What if he doesn’t want me back after some time goes by? What if my days of untreated RA and CP come up and I feel like death? I’d be afraid he might stay away for good in those cases. We’d already been through so much!! It seems impossible that this is happening!

Ok – enough whining on my part. I’ll check in later this week.

Love Sasha xixixi (that means confused about love)




One response

1 10 2008

Hi Sasha,

yikes! two weeks without enbrel! how are you even functioning??

i haven’t actually been in a relationship since being diagnosed with RA, so nobody’s seen me at my worst. But i remember telling my ex boyfriend (the one who i was with right before being diagnosed), and his response was…less than supportive.

the new layout is nice – very clean and easy to read. although i did get used to the old layout 🙂 the last one was much more warm; it kind of reminded me of autumn.


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