11 03 2009


This post is part of my Resource Series 2009. –Sasha xoxo.  Also, learn more about my new  consulting services for dealing with an autoimmune disease or chronic illness.

1) FINDING A DOCTOR: Always start with your general doctor’s advice. Don’t feel forced to stick with that doctor. Then branch out to ask any of your other Dr’s advice. If all of that is not possible then here’s my approach: I like progressive teaching hospitals. They are usually up with the current gear and practices.

For example, in LA I would go to UCLA or USC’s website to check out the list of doctors. Most cities have websites with reviews. Also, your health insurance website usually has reviews.

An example search: Type in google “best doctors in (city here)” . I found this site in LA: LA Doctors and even the Yellowpages now has reviews. It goes on from there. [note: Due to my own privacy I am not going to make referrals to my doctors.]

2) Earlier posts were written on this subject.  Links to the most useful ones are on the Resource Series 2009 home page.

3) AT THE OFFICE: You are almost certainly NOT CRAZY. (please ignore that sentence if you’ve spent some time in a psychiatric hospital OR if you are unable to have even 1 friend because no one understands you).

(Read on to get all of the Lessons that will help your Doctor’s Office Exprience Improve Dramatically)—->

LESSON #0: ALWAYS BRING A FRIEND (as long as they are calm) that can describe the type of person you are to the doctor. Also, they might remember things the doc said that you’ll forget. I bring a friend or loved one until I know the doctor pretty well. I’ve even paid friends for their work time to come with me instead. LESSON #0.1: Write down all of your questions starting a week in advance. BE PREPARED. If you’re not prepared then the doctor can’t do their job fully. The appointment is then kind of a waste and it is your fault. Keep a log of your health problem for at least 1 week prior to your appointment. Don’t make the doctor read it – but it will give you information about your issue that you may not otherwise even realize. LESSON#1: Doctor’s offices are not designed to be a yoga retreat atmosphere. They do not generally have time to have good people skills and since everyone is suing them they have to be extraordinarily careful about saying anything at all to you. It’s much safer for them to find nothing (if the tests are showing nothing) then to stick out their necks. Since i run my own business I can tell you with certainty that people are only thinking of themselves – therefore the doctor has to protect themselves at all times. LESSON #2: The Doc is not there to blow flowers at you. It is highly likely you will leave their office upset. The doc is having to give bad new all day basically – and having to politely say “you’re fat/obese, etc” and has to constantly dance around the truth so that no one’s feeling are hurt – most just stick to purely factual data rather then getting caught up in an emotional connection with you because of the above reason and also because they need to get you in and out the door – they’re now making very little money due to so many sue happy people. LESSON#3: Please look at and understand your bill. I have found that 1 out of 15 of my doctor’s offices has overcharged me and/or has not accounted for one of my payments. LESSON#4: Bring gifts to regulars. Become the staffs’ pal. Bring healthy gifts or snacks. Don’t be rude to the staff…EVER. They work long, hard hours and don’t deserve your bullshit. LESSON#5: Blow off anything the doctor said to you that upset you unless it is actually unethical. For example “You’re looking old and run-down today”. LET IT GO. Also, often the doctor isn’t actually saying you’re crazy or even that they don’t believe you – but you’re in pain so you didn’t really hear them correctly.


All love, Sasha xoxoxo




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