31 03 2009

Hello to any new readers.  If you’ve never been to my site before I urge you to read “about me” and take a look at the chronological page.   This page is part of my Resource Series 2009.  A handy online guide to things I’ve discovered or am researching about my diseases that might help others in their quest to get better. If my site is helpful to you, please consider donating so I can keep it going. – love Sasha xoxo


(Page last updated: 4.22.09)    I’m currently on a quest to get on disability because my 2 chronic diseases are making it next to impossible to make it to work on time and/or regularly.  The issues I face are common, yet it has been nearly impossible to find the proper resources on the web.  So if you’ve come here from a google search keep on reading because I’m trying to condense the many pages of information I’ve found into this one page.

First: I’ve discovered that there’s no clear story or to-do list on the web to get on what is called SSI. That’s because so many of us have a zillion different backgrounds and reasons we need to get on SSI.  This makes it very hard to find resources that matches our own needs.  

You really need to determine if you are wanting to go on SSI because you’re feeling lazy OR if you really can not hold a job down anymore.  This is because getting on SSi is not an easy task AND you will have to live with very strict financial limitations, so this may really not be a good thing.  I’ve read that you can only bring in a total of approx. $900/month for part-time work.  If you add that to the SSI check you’ll quickly see that you can’t own anything for the most part. My brother is on SSI and he gets only enough to squeek by.  So this is only a roa you’ll want to go down if you REALLY NEED IT. (Read On for SSI and SSDI Resources, Income Levels, Links and my experiences with trying to get on SSI—>)

MY SITUATION:   I live in Los Angeles, CA.  I do not want to leave my apartment.  Also, I am very in debt on my credit cards and I don’t want to claim bankruptcy.  My bills are astronomical. Also, I want to work some of the time when it is possible.  I’ve owned my own company for 8 years, but am currently in the process of closing it down so that I have less stress and agony with large to do lists.  Finally, I live alone.  


The best official site to start at is: Disability Benefits 101 (for California).  

This site is a good read even if you’re not from California because it explains the definitions clearly.  This leads you to the government’s Disabilities pages inclding the informative Bluebook and the Qualify&Apply Page with the best info.  Here you’ll learn more about SSI versus SSDI.

So essentially the process is that you:

1. See if you Qualify for Disability Income – Also the social security administrations viewpoint

2. Apply for SSI or SSDI

3. I’ve discovered that it is really important to get a Disabilities Lawyer OR go ahead and apply and probably get rejected – then get a disabilities lawyer.  Thee are many resources for finding this type if lawyer online.  *Type in Disabilities Lawyer + Your state”

4.   If you want to go the regular route than at this point I would recommend going  to the Social Security Office near you to make an apt. to see an employee that can push you in the right direction.

5.  Note:  If you are homeless then the process is very different because many cities have resource personnel at the shelters whose job it is to help possible candidates for SSI.

My next steps are: Going to the Social Security office WHILE I’m also searching for a disabilities lawyer.  I’ll report back one I know more.

Thanks! Sasha xoxo




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