10 04 2009

Chronic pain support group – Los Angeles

Do you live in the Los Angeles area and interested in meeting up in the real life world by joining a monthly get-together group for anyone living with chronic pain and their mates?  If so then please read on for details. for event on Sunday, MAY 2nd, 2009 @ 6pm in Hollywood, CA.

I’ve decided to start a monthly get-together for chronic pain people and their mates are invited along also.  Of course we can pay a lot of money for someone else to put something like this on for us… but I love the idea of hosting the event at my place  – so it’s comfy – grab a cusion, a blanket and the couch.  Please email me for the details.  Our 1st get together will be the first Sunday evening in May – Sunday MAY 2nd, 2009 @ 6pm.  (Doing it on Sunday will hopefully allow people to avoid the traffic, but also allow them to still have the entire weekend for themselves).  I’ll also post this in several places to get a larger group. Feel free to post this on other sites. My ideal group size would be 14 people.  Email: lifeofsasha [at]

– love Sasha.  xoxo




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