9 08 2009

Pancreatitis is an evil and viscous disease.  It destroyed me for so many years and I’m only 36 now.  I get loads of emails asking if a certain pain can be pancreatitis. I always want to ask “has it ruined your whole life? Has it made you keel into a ball for thousands of hours?  Does it activate right after eating?  Does it cut from the center of your body as if someone stabbed you with their bayonet and then left the bayonet in and then poured turpentine on the wound (front and back)?  I’ve never experienced anything more painful in all my life.

Truth is I don’t know if you have pancreatitis.  I hope you don’t.  The first time I ever had a pancreatic attack it felt like something exploded inside of me.  My own personal Hiroshima.   I’d never wish it on any enemy.  Managing it took me a long time to learn.  I have to avoid anything overly tasty, seasoned, spicy, acidic, too big (little bites better), butter, anything with alcohol, too much food eaten in one meal, high fat foods (absolutely not bacon), foods that cause gas normally (broccoli and loads of beans) and sometimes none of these items are done and I still get massive pain.  


Right now I am trying out a fake beer to see if it causes pain.  I try hard to only test out new foods on weekends when I have a little down time.  Fancy restaurants are the worst offenders.  The chef gets pissy about making food without alcohol or butter.  Alcohol does not all burn off as many claim.  I have t steer clear of it all together.  

Hopin this has been helpful,

Sasha xoxo



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