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30 08 2011

hi, im not sure what to say right now but i just found out that i have chronic pancreatitis and that it could have been prevented 5 years ago if the doctors would have listen to me instead of telling me it was all in my head…..i don’t know much about it but im going for an endoscope and a ct san soon, everything ive read about it scares me to death… 20 years old, if someone can, can you please email me with more information and what pain meds would be best and anything on it thanks you so much my email is

9 01 2011
Idette Brumbaugh

Well, like you, I have my own extensive story about how I got to this part of my life. I too have, now, chronic pancreatitis. It first had started with pain after eating, well, like on a daily basis, since I was about 17yrs old. Well, I am 45yrs old 2months ago. I celebrated my receent birthday by treating myself to having surgery on my lung, LOL. The funny part of this place in my life, is that I had stopped working as a floor nurse, I am hoping just temporary, since day after Labor Day 2010. The lung issue was an accidental finding during my workup for the main reason why I went to the physician in the first place.
I was a fully functioning, full-time RN staff nurse. This increase in pain had really smacked me down. I also have Fibromyalgia in addition to this pancreatitis, instead of being a relapsing thing has turned out to be a chronic thing.
I had been suffering from this acute flare up of pancreatitis when I went thru surgery. I had discovered while there, I had an epidural catheter for the chest pain. Well, I had discovered that I didn’t have any stomach pain while I had it in. When it was removed, well, the major pain returned. Wow, what a difference it made. Well, this led the physicians to discuss the possible intrathecal catheter. My thoracic surgeon had talked about an epidural, but my pain physician said he didn’t agree, he suggested the intrathecal pump.
Well, my pain Dr. doesn’t like how high of a dose that I am on. My previous phyisican had me on mega high Fentanyl patch and breakthru oxycodone. Well, he had been taken back with the dose. Well, it was working.
My other symptom of concern is this diarrhea. This thing is a major change. I had been on Alli, which helped me with eating anything that contained any kind of fat. It made such a difference, then I took miralax for almost a year. 3-4 days after Labor Day, well, the diarrhea came on suddenly.
Now, I am starting the beginning of my 5th month of diarrhea without any explanation. I beleive it is the pancreatits, considering my pancreatic enzymes and liver levels are elevated. No physician has come up with any other explanation. I beleive that it is just the pancreatitis.
I would like your advice on 1. the pump and 2. the episode of diarrhea 3. my physician is decreasing my pain meds, with Fentanyl dose being the first.
I had started that 4 days ago. So far So good.

Could you email me with anything, comments, suggestions, etc.
at the email provided.

Thank you for your blog, this is the first time ever looking at blogs.LOL, Hope you are hanging in there.

Thank you,

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