Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I have a terrible illness/disease/ailment and I want a quick cheat sheet of your website so that I can find the most answers the fastest.

Answer: Certainly, I dig it.  I’m going to direct you to a few webpages on my site that have the maximum amount of information.  Just remember – I am not a medical doctor and my thoughts are simply that – my thoughts and my own opinion about my life.  The page that I feel is the most helpful: After reading the pages along my navigation bar such as the medlinks page, visit the •Tips For You• page.  It has all of the links from all over the site that I feel are the most helpful.  There’s also the medical definitions page which is helpful for items about my own diseases.

Q: I have a pain in my XXX or around my XXX and I was wondering if it might be pancreatitis.
I can’t diagnose anyone.  I am not a doctor.  I can share my own experience with you.  If you do not have pain piercing through your back it might not be pancreatitis.  I like the symptom checker on webmd.  It helps isolate what it could be.  Also, pancreatitis comes with an unliveable pain.  If you’ve gone to webmd and done the symptom checker and you’re still not sure you can make an appointment with a GI doctor (gastorinterologist).  You can get a recommendation from your general doctor also known as an internist.Don’t have any of those?  Look up your health plans recommended GI’s.

Q: Is this for patients or caregivers?
I’ve always written this site for both in mind.  Initially I was with my Jax who took excellent care of me.  Our relationship was ultimately unable to transcend the medical crisis – but I hope you’ll have better luck than I did.


Q:  Help Me…Please!!

A:  In Feb. 2009, sue to the large volume of help needed questions I began a consulting service designed to be advice from a patient to a patient.  My fees are very reasonable.  I’ve researched everything from applying for disability to getting handicap placards and financial assistance for medications.  Also, navigating health insurance companies, brokers and issues of all kinds in between.  I may not know it all – but I can offer solid advice to get you on the right track.  Note: I also offer my services as your personal assistant to research your medical issues and can even assist you with contacting billing departments and/or filing your paperwork claims for you. [Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor and can not offer any diagnosis or medical advice].  Please EMAIL ME to inquire about my rates and additional services.


Q:  What’s this site about?  I’m just looking for help.

A: I began this site in January, 2007 as a personal private journal.  Over time it expanded to a personal blog about my own experiences.  In February, 2009 it became obvious that a community was beginning to form – a loss collective of people suffering from a chronic illness or a caregiver/caretaker of that person.  Many of you readers are here for the same reason – you are searching for answers to ease the emotional pain of this gut-wrenching disease(s).  I hope that you will stay on this site for a little while and feel free to comment so that you can also connect to the community.  Hopefully you will find many answers on this site – and if not then please feel free to ask.  If I don’t know the answer then someone else in this community will.

Q:  More questions and answers to come.

A;   Please check out the Tips For You Page and also the Resource Series 2009 OR ask your own question by commenting below.

Thanks – Sasha xoxo


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