9 03 2010

I am trying out this new technology… Updating my blog from my mobile phone. If it works well then I might be able to continue doing my blog. A few months back I broke my laptop computer and so had to stop doing the blog for awhile.

So… Van service…I haven’t been allowed to drive since December. The reason: I went for a sleep doctor consultation and the Dr freaked out about my questionnaire. What a prick! I simply wanted him to know my insomnia was fierce. It hadn’t occurred to me that the Dr would be able to ask the dmv to suspend my license – in the same day. No test as of this date. The Dr didn’t even care to help. He only cared to make it a massive hardship on me. It was obvious he thought I was a druggie based on my list of meds.

It’s a long process to get my license back. I’ve been very good about not driving at all. I’m on a waiting list for a new Dr’s sleep study. I want to solve this horrible insomnia.

My new list of meds is horrific. It includes methadone! (the usual med I take is levorphenol but the manufacturer is behind so I got prescribed the closest relative. The list is very long including enbrel for RA, methotrexate for Lupus/RA. And even percoset for chronic pancreatitis. There’s synthroid and metformin and so many others I’m on.. And being put back on wellbutrin. No sure I want to be on a weight gainer so may not take this one.

Point is that I found out LA has a van service you can take if they deem you disabled. I feel very lucky I passed that test. I am officially disabled. The van is about $2.25 per way. Not bad at all for door to door service!

So if you have lots of med issues like might want to check out the van service in your city.

Checking out. Goodnight.
Xoxo sasha

Articles on SSA/Disability Benefits

2 01 2008

SSA or SSI Benefits from the gov… can I apply…just curious.. wouldn’t you be if you have a chronic disease?  Otherwise known as bennies, here are some links I found as I’ve begun doing my weekly curiosity research.  I was curious when all the hell i’m going through might allow me to take a break before it killing me and how to do that while still being able to eat.  My biggest question going in:  Can a person that still works from home and runs their own business still apply.  The answer is below. Read the rest of this entry »