16 08 2009

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All i’ve ever hoped for has crashed against the rocks of my disease.  I’ve lost everything in it’s relentless cycle of pain.  When I hear shrieking I fear it came from inside of me.  I let out a moment of the pain.  But then I realize it’woms an shouting at her husband behind their door.  How will I have the energy to pick up the pieces that once were my life?  How will I ever explain that my life was meant to be so much more?  How can I still try for it – my dreams, my goals – and weather through this storm?


I’m 4 weeks into the hospital program and I’m finally getting better (mentally that is).  I still have massive insomnia even with sleeping pills.  I hate the idea of being on so many medications.  My mom has Lupus also and she just got out of the hospital for severe potassium deficiency. The Dr’s think the combination of meds she was on might be the culprit.  Have a chronic illness is so exhausting!


So, below I’ve pasted in the most shocking piece of info I’ve ever learned about Lupus.  The state of New Mexico, where I was born and raised, has TWICE the national average of Lupus.  TWICE!!!!  That tells me that Lupus might be partially caused by environment.  Right??!!  Go ahead and read on about it.  I’ll try to give you more info about this as it comes in.

Love Sasha xoxo


Lupus Affecting New Mexico

A statistical study was done by the University of Connecticut Health Center on mortality ratios for systemic lupus. This map shows that a cluster focusing right around New Mexico that has 2 TIMES the national average! The need is great in New Mexico.

Read the article on Lupus in New Mexico.  I find it thin on info and very thin on WHY the stats are like this.  What’s in New Mexico that causes Lupus?  I lived there for almost 15 years, but so did my best friend and her family and they have no issues.  Why do we?? We only lived one block from each other.

If anyone has more info on this can they please send it over??? Thanks!