Jax Wants a Split

12 09 2008

I couldn’t believe it. Jax was so upset last week that he told me he wanted to split up. His exact words “I’m done”. I had made the mistake of giving him a hard to find prescription to fill. He called over 12 pharmacies and the problem was I had no more pain meds left until my Mon. Dr appointment. It was my fault-I felt too crap to fill it all week. He offered to go because I was working non-stop. I had no idea how much stress it would cause.

So Jax got drunk and high with, in his eyes only, the feeling of failing. I’ve been limping again and back on the cane so I was more devestated feeling noone would want me.

Worst of all, if Jax left me over my medical issues I’d be unreachably depressed. Jax is my love and BtW, who cares about anything else….

Miraculously when he was sober he changed his mind, but what a scare!!! Jax is so my type. He thinks most guys wouldve run off by now given how heavy all of this is. I’m sure he’s right. It’s so overwhelming at times.

I mean, Jax never really knows when I’ll die from RA and CP (neither do I, but I’ve got to carry on) and this gives him pause). It’s so tough on him. Illnesses can be so destructive!!!

I have to go but I’m still in shock.
Love Sasha xoxoxo




One response

12 09 2008

Sasha, i’m so glad to hear it was just the drugs talking and you and Jax are still together. i recently wrote about a very discouraging encounter with a guy who i started to like. it turns out he has CIDP (a rare and incurable autoimmune disease), and he still doesn’t want me. i’m feeling very glum…

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